About Family Hollidayz

Close your eyes and let your imagination roam to all the places you'd most like to go. Sharing holiday experience with those who mean the most to you. Discovering new ways to have fun, and rediscovering each other.

Exotic hills, fabulous beaches, snow covered peaks, valleys, lakes, and very latest attractions of your dreams and the exciting reality of holidays. The world is getting smaller and so are our families. We've got faster cars, faster computers, more telephone connections, more email ID's and still less time to spend with each other.

Remember your first anniversary, that picnic on the beach, watching your daughter building castles in the sand, your son's first birthday. When was the last time you took a break, left your office behind, let your kids forget about school, packed your bags and just decided to spend some "quality time" with your family.

What kinds of people belong to Family Holidayz....? All kinds...! From sports enthusiasts to nature lovers, from sun worshippers to history buffs, we're a divers and far-flung group. And we have passion for new experiences. But we're not just individual travelers going our separate ways. We're an amazing Community of 5000 satisfied members 150 affiliated resorts / hotels with Family Holidayz in association with FOUR SEASONS. We've been doing this for 5 years. Whenever you travel, count on us leads you to fabulous vacation experience.

But there's so much more we can all do to benefit from our association. We can share not just our vacation resorts, but a bit of ourselves.

Family Holidayz core team comes with 50 plus people with years of Industry experience with invaluable hands-on experience in arranging holiday packages, Travel arrangement & Holiday Planning. They bring you the benefit of solid practical wisdom that has been gained through first hand experience. Their learning's are real & have been internalized over the years. Thereby, they are able to bring a result-oriented & action based approach for Holidays.

wish Happy Family Holidayz to all.